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Tech Experience 2021

the essential combination for the reboot

Tech Experience 2021
Economy and Technology: the essential combination for the reboot

Join us at our annual event on June 15th and learn about the latest trends in Cybersecurity, Cloud Transformation, IoT and OT.

A disruptive and innovative virtual event in a dynamic TV format. The plenary session will be hosted by two journalists of “Il Sole 24 Ore” - Luca Tremolada, a technology and big data expert and Monica D’Ascenzo, a financial markets expert. You will see them interacting with the most innovative vendors and you discover how technology will drive the economic recovery.

What to expect:

  • Insights and industry trends in Cybersecurity, Cloud Transformation, IoT and OT.
  • Thematic round tables.
  • A special guest to make you smile and have fun.

In the days following the plenary, from June 16th to 18th, do not miss the technical sessions organized under the patronage of Clusit: the EXN PowerSessions, held by our System Engineers and the technological workshops, run by the major IT players.

Participation in these sessions contributes to accruing of CPE (Continuing Professional Education) training credits necessary for maintaining professional certifications. Participate in the tech sessions regularly and request your certificate of attendance with the CPEs!


The Tech Experience 2021 focus theme
Since the early months of 2021 there were already signs of economic recovery, the path is long and not easy but we can be very confident. The strong and sharp contraction, created by the pandemic, predicts a recovery which, as already occurred in the past, has been marked by big events and changed its path, accelerating transformation and economic growth.

Another distinguishing factor is the of digital transformation: growth-oriented companies have an approach tcontinuous investment and innovation. Companies, in this path of innovation, where one of the fundamental points is digitization indispensable to resume growth, must be ready to use the technology benefits based on shareable, fluid information (i.e.: without fixed perimeters), usable and build on a protected and secure infrastructure.

At the heart of all this, there is a need of competent people who know and can make appropriate use of new technologies, otherwise the disadvantages cannot be recovered.

Growth is based on and driven by three fundamental pillars: innovation, technology and competence.